Beliefs/Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Magnolia Central Elementary School is working to bridge the gap between early childhood and adolescence. Our commitment is to provide an environment which fosters a respect for learning that will promote success. Students are expected to reach their full potential in all educational endeavors with an emphasis on reaching proficiency in all content areas.

District Belief Statements

We believe:

  • Central Elementary School values, models and encourages life-long learning so students become successful productive members of a technologically advanced global society.

  • We are a dedicated team of highly qualified individuals who enhance the learning of each student in an environment that is safe, secure and nurturing.

  • Every student’s needs are the central focus of our school.

  • Each student is a unique individual with special talents, strengths and needs.We believe high expectations foster greater student achievement and promote self-esteem.

  • Communication is vital between administration, faculty/staff, students, parents and the community.

  • The school community should model and promote responsible citizenship, a strong work ethic and respect for individual differences.

  • Instruction based on a well-developed curriculum creates resourceful learners continually striving to reach their full potential.

  • At Central Elementary School, we are continuing to build the foundation to make the transition from early childhood to adolescence a meaningful and relevant educational path that bridges the gap.