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Kristin Laster

Welcome to my online classroom.

I am Mrs. Laster. I provide special education services at Central Elementary in the resource setting. I teach the areas of math and literacy.

In Literacy we will work with a program called the Sonday System in order to teach basic phonics usage. Basic decoding and encoding skills will be taught in order to aid in reading word call, as well as reading comprehension. Students will also focus on basic skills of writing, such as capitalization, puncation, and basic paragraph formation.

In Math, students will learn basic skills for every day life skills. These include, addtion, subtraction, simple multiplication, division, calendar skills, and counting money.

I will be happy to assist any parent or answer any questions that may come up! Please feel free to contact me here at Central 970-234-4911 or through email Most of the time email may be the quickest way to reach me. If you call, you will have to leave a message with the secretary.

We will also use programs such as Moby Max and Reflex Math in order to aid in student learning.

I look forward to working with you and your child for the 2016-2017 school year!


Kristin Laster

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