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Donna Holtzclaw

Welcome to Mrs.Holtzclaw’s Class

Just a few TIPS:

  • Set aside aside a few minutes a day and listen to your child and give them your full attention
  • Check your child’s reading folder for assignments
  • Assignments are also place on the board and explained daily.
  • When your child talks about problems with a teacher, schoolwork, or classmate, help them through the situation and consider their own solutations. Focus on what your child can do to improve things rather than on the person’s faults. Example: ….how do you feel about that,...what do you think he/she should have done differently,….what are some things you can do to make the situation better?
  • Your support is greatly appreciated. If you ever have any questions or need to visit with me, please call the school for an appointment. 
  • Remember, a child’s perception of an event may be different from that of an adult.
  • If you are seriously concerned about the school stories  that your child is sharing with you, please call the teacher and explain the confusion. This brief phone call can usually clear up any confusion. 

Donna Holtzclaw

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